About us

             "Alfa-Khlib"  is a relatively young company that is rapidly gaining top market positions. The range of our products is quite diverse and contains mixes for the preparation of classic types of products, as well as for the production of interesting and original products. All blends are copyrighted by the company and are unique.

             Our company's technology team is working diligently to expand the range, study global trends in baking and confectionery, and try to adapt all the interesting ideas for the national market. This is an integral part of the work, as the tastes of the world's population differ dramatically and depend on the culture of bread consumption in the country and in the local area. "Alfa-Khlib" is an active participant in exhibitions held in Ukraine, as well as a frequent visitor to European profile exhibitions.

             Together with foreign partners, the technologists of our company develop recipes for interesting and original types of products, which are convenient for use both by small enterprises and by production with large capacities. The company has a complete cycle of production of mixtures - from formulation development to product introduction at the enterprise and production process.

             The main direction of development of our company's product line is the focus on the fact that the product should be both tasty and useful, as the trend of healthy nutrition has persisted for quite a long time. The product range of the enterprise has quite a lot of mixtures with a high content of grain components and other useful substances.

          "Alfa-Khlib" is a modern innovation project that meets the world standards of production and world trends in the range of products and enterprises. The usefulness of products is one of the main criteria for quality of production, and stands alongside the indicators of quality and safety. The company works with proven suppliers of quality raw materials of both domestic and foreign production, which ensures high and stable quality of products.