Mix for bread Belarusian lux
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Mix for bread Belarusian lux

It allows us to obtain traditional brewed "Belorussian" bread with shortened dough time, by eliminating the brewing operation. As a result, we have aromatic bread with moist crumbs and sweet and sour taste, which adheres to all Belarusian traditions. Wheat rye bread is a source of vitamins, fiber, and proteins of such bread and is much richer in lysine (which is very important for our body).


Alfa-Khlib LLC , " alfa-hlib" Trade mark

Scope of application:

The mixture for preparing bread with a light brew accelerated way.

Sporesandb application:

The mixture is added dry form with other prescription components when kneading the dough.


Wheat meal, potato flakes, fermented malt, wheat gluten stabilizer, e-415, ascorbic acid, enzymes.


Allows to accelerate the production of light brew bread by excluding the brewing operation. Provides ready-made products with pleasant malt taste and aroma.


10-20% to the weight of flour

Food and energy value of 100 g productin:

Bandki – 8.4 G;

FatI –1.8 G;

Carbohydrates – 62.2 G..

330 kcal, 1383 Kdzh.

Organoleptic and f/x indicators:

Appearance : oDnordna bulk mixture with inclusions of potato flakes.

Color: Gray-brown.

Aroma: inherent in malt products.

Moisture content,% not more than 20.0.

Terms and shelf life:

Store in a dry ventilated room at a temperature not higher than 30° C and relative humidity not more than 75% .

Shelf life of dry mixture is not more than 12 months from the date of manufacture..


Paper metersand a slurry with a polyethylene liner weighing 15kg

 Manufactured according to tu in 10.6-39414589-001:2016