Mix of "Lviv syrnyk"
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Functional mixture for the preparation of various types of sour milk products, which is used to stabilize the semi-finished products and give them thermal stability. The delicate flavor and aroma of vanilla accentuate the curd's own taste, while the components of the mixture retain the moisture of the products and prevent shrinkage and drying of the products. The use of the mixture allows you to economically use sour milk cheese, as well as to produce a wide range (curd muffins, toppings, casseroles, cheeses, etc.)

Manufacturer: Alfa-Khlib Ukraine, trademark "Alfa-Khlib"

Scope: As a stabilizer for the production of cottage cheese. Used in cheese stuffings, casseroles, cheese cakes, etc.

Method of application: Cottage cheese, eggs and water are mixed to form a homogeneous mass, then add the mixture LVIV syrnyk, and stir again at low speed.

Composition: Starch modified E-1414, sugar powder, rice flour, salt "Extra", acidity regulator citric acid E-330, vanillin.

Properties: A mixture for the quick preparation of delicious and delicate dumplings, as well as cheese casseroles, pies and other types of products.

For filling: 1000g. cottage cheese, 550-600 g of water, 400-500 g of mixture.
For casseroles: 1000g. cottage cheese, 300 g. water, 200g. egg, 400g mixture.

Food and energy value in 100g of product:

Proteins - 1.8 g;
Fat - 0,5 g;
Carbohydrates - 92.2 g.
381 Kcal, 1594 kJ.

Organoleptic and phytic indices:

Appearance: homogeneous powdery mass.
Color: white
Aroma: delicate vanilla.
Mass fraction of moisture,% not more than 20%.

Conditions and storage life:

Store in a dry ventilated room at a temperature no higher than 30 ° C and a relative humidity of not more than 75%.
Shelf life of dry mix no more than 12 months from the date of manufacture ..

Packing: Paper bags with polyethylene liner weighing 15kg

Manufactured in accordance with TU U 10.6-39414589-001: 2016