How to choose bread in the store

1. Fresh bread should be primarily soft. Wrap your hand with a plastic bag or paper handkerchief and just push on the baking.

2. The quality of bread can be determined in appearance. Traditional types of bread: a cut loaf, darnitsa and Ukrainian bread should have a thin, not burnt crust.

Useful properties of baking mixes

The use of multicomponent baking mixes allows us to simplify and speed up the technological process of bakery products production, to obtain products with excellent organoleptic characteristics, to significantly expand the mini-bakery assortment without serious investments in modernizing production, or attracting additional working hands.

Improvers for bread

Modern bread improvers are complex additives with a balanced, safe composition for health, the use of which can improve the quality characteristics of bakery products, effectively regulate the technological process depending on the desired result.

Everything for baking bread

You can buy bread in the store, or you can cook it yourself. Naturally, the second option is preferable, because the product will be much tastier. You can use different bread recipes depending on personal wishes. In this case, the product will be appreciated by relatives and friends. The company "Alfa-Khlib" sells everything for baking bread. It will be possible to order goods inexpensively that will greatly simplify the preparation of flour products.

Bread baking additives

Now many people tend to bake bread on their own. You can use various recipes and achieve a unique taste. Experienced housewives use various additives for baking bread, with which you can improve the recipe of bread. You can use ready-made mixtures and, if desired, add various ingredients. The result is a delicious and unusual bread that you want to cook again and again.