Pouring Decormix
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Pouring Decormix

Grain composition for decorating various types of bakery and confectionery products containing flax, sesame, cereal and black cumin seeds. The use of sprinkles emphasizes the taste and aroma, as well as gives the finished products an interesting and original appearance. Cumin, flax and sesame seeds are rich in essential oils, which, after baking, give an unmatched and pronounced aroma. This combination of ingredients is not only a great supplement, but also a healthy product.


LLC «Alfa-Khlib» Ukraine, trademark "Alfa-Khlib"


A mixture for decorating various types of bakery and snack products.

Application method:

The mixture is applied to the surface of the dough pieces during the molding process or just before baking. Before sprinkling the test piece, it is recommended to wet with water or a suitable solution for better fixation on the surface.


Millet flakes, flax seeds, sesame seeds, cumin, salt.


The product is used to decorate a variety of bakery and snack products. Applying sprinkles helps to give the products an interesting and original look, as well as adds to the taste and aroma.


 According to the recipe, without restrictions

Nutritional and energy value per 100g of product:

Proteins - 16.2 g;

Fats - 30.0 g;

Carbohydrates - 34.0 g.

462 Kcal, 1934 kJ.

Organoleptic and f / x indicators:

Appearance: Bulk mixture of grain components.

Color: Not homogeneous, with splashes of black and yellow

Aroma: characteristic of the components of the mixture

Mass fraction of moisture,% not more than 20%.

Conditions and shelf life:

Store in a dry, ventilated room at a temperature not exceeding 30 ° C and a relative humidity of not more than 75%.

The shelf life of the dry mixture is no more than 12 months from the date of manufacture ..


Paper bags with polyethylene liner weighing 15kg

Made according to TU U 10.6-39414589-001: 2016