Cheese dry stuffing
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Dry mix for preparation of thermostable salty stuffing, has a pronounced taste and aroma of hard cheese.

Suitable for pizza, pies, cashews, puffs and other types of bakery products.

It tastes great both as a stand-alone filling and in combination with ham, green peas, paprika or greens.

It is highly hydrated and resistant to freezing and thawing.



Quantity, kg

Cheese filling









Ingredients: modified starch, iodized salt, dry vegetable fat (palm oil, glucose syrup, milk protein, E451, E341), whey, dry egg white, sugar, flavorings, dried vegetables, dried cheese (1%), yeast extract, regulator acidity (citric acid E330), β-carotene (E160a).


Cooking technology:

Pour the dry mix into a container, add the specified amount of water and stir slowly until the mix absorbs water. Then beat the mass. Proofing the filling for at least 5 minutes, after which the filling is ready for manual or automatic filling.